Food Moves Presents:

The Free Food Crawl




Thats for us to know and for you to find out but expect your tastebuds to be tantalized from all different types of cuisines. 


A Food Truck Scavenger Hunt. Special Icons like the one below will appear on the map hourly. 

FFF icon.png


Secret Locations all over Philadelphia, PA


October 14th, 2016. Its an awesome day. 


  1. RSVP for the Event. You'll be the first to know about the event and get insider information on the day of. 
  2. Download and Register (You will not be able to see secret trucks without registering)
  3. On October 14th, open Food Moves and find specially marked icons on the Food Moves Map (see icon above)
  4. Go to the location, and find the truck waiting to give you free food. Say the Magic Word and Savor the Freeness. 

RSVP Here:

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