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Food Moves is a mobile food locator, great for food trucks, farmers' markets, and anything else on the move.

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Food Moves To Provide Real Time Food Truck Tracking

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Food Moves hopes to change the way Americans eat by making every meal an adventure. The Food Moves app will be the first real-time food truck tracking application to hit the mobile food industry. The app will provide an interactive map to display the food trucks in your area and provide live menus to see what the trucks are currently serving.

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If you ask IVY Member Joel Cettina about his favorite food truck, he’s dumbfounded—there are too many good ones. “How can I even compare my favorite street tacos to my favorite doughnut sandwich?” He says, “Or my favorite grilled cheese truck to the truck with great coffee and and new cake pops every week?”

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Tasty Startups: Food Moves

The Craving it Satisfies: Real-time info on food trucks

Why it has a winning recipe: I wonder how many chefs the film Chef has inspired to leave a restaurant kitchen in favor of running a food truck? Answer: not nearly enough. I love the flourishing food truck movement. Great food on the go, in the open air. Simple and delicious. Well, increasingly sophisticated — while still unpretentious and delicious. Your own boss, low-overhead, mobility – it’s not hard to understand the appeal to chefs, either.

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Press Releases

Take a look at some of the freshest things happening with Food Moves.


The Austin Free Food Crawl



AUSTIN, TX— Food Moves is proud to announce the return of the Free Food Crawl to Austin, Texas on Saturday, April 1, 2017. The Austin Free Food Crawl will allow anyone to join in on the fun and eat great free food all day from some of the best food trucks around, while seeing the best of what Austin has to offer.

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