The 2017 Food Truck Mock Draft- Live From Philadelphia

With the NFL Draft coming to Philly for the first time in 50 years, we’re celebrating the only way we know how, with a draft of our own. We’re selecting the top food trucks in the Philadelphia area with our very own mock draft. Be sure to use the Food Moves app when in Philadelphia to find these delicious trucks for something to munch on Draft Day.

1st Overall: Foolish Waffles

With the first overall pick, this powerhouse goes off the board right away, and it’s not surprising. Their sweet and savory waffles are to die for. Anytime chicken and waffles are mentioned in the same sentence, it excites our scouts. But it doesn’t just stop there for Foolish Waffles, the must try is the Pork Belly Banh Mi Waffle, that gets stacked high with seared pork belly, pickled cabbage, cucumbers, cilantro, and jalapenos. Their draft stock has been sky-high since being featured as a top five food truck in the country on Food Network.

2nd Overall: Cow and Curd

With the second overall pick, a newbie to the Philadelphia food truck scene is selected. Hailing from Wisconsin, the Cow and Curd brings their delicious fried cheese curds. True cheese heads know what everyone is missing out with this squeaky cheese delicacy. Add Wisconsin Beer Brats and Poutine to their list on tangibles brings these Wisconsin natives off the board early.

3rd Overall: Grubaholics

With the third overall pick, a Philadelphia tradition needed to go early. Grubaholics does exactly that with their Jamaican inspired cheesesteaks. Not for the faint of heart, their jerk chicken cheesesteaks are exactly why they heated up late and draft stock rocketed up. Did we also mention that they serve their own Jamaican rum cake? This is a steal at three?

4th Overall: Pete’s Little Lunch

With the fourth overall pick, hailing from Drexel University is Pete’s Little Lunch. Pete’s brings perfect food for the third day of the draft with their delicious breakfast sandwiches. Known best for helping out the hungover college students of Philly, they’re a must stop for an early morning meal following a night of partying. #SaltPeppaKetchup

5th Overall: Royal Tea Truck

Needing something to refresh yourself with all of this delicious food? That’s where our fifth overall pick comes in. Royal Tea Truck names all of their specialty drinks after superheroes as well, so be sure to get your hands on Spiderman, Ironman, and a few others you’ll have to see for yourself.

6th Overall: Brazbq

Our second cheesesteak spot goes off the board at six with Brazbq, but this time they bring a Brazilian twist to it. Their cheesesteak is served on a hoagie roll or even in a pita cone. Everything about this truck is Brazilian, making them not hard to miss, which is good because you won’t want to.

7th Overall: Dump n Roll

With the seventh overall pick, Dump n Roll goes off the board with their out of this world menu. If you’re in the mood for a dumpling or spring roll, this is the only truck for you in Philadelphia. Of course, they have their traditional dumplings and rolls, but that’s boring, be sure to go with their Italian-inspired margarita roll. Their main go-to is their far-west dumpling, a tempura bacon cheeseburger wonton with smoky honey bourbon barbecue sauce.

8th Overall: Brother’s Pizza Inc.

Our eighth overall pick in the food draft has been bringing wraps, rolls, and pizza to the city of brotherly love since 2007. Whether you’re just looking for a slice of heaven for yourself or want to share an 18-inch pie with the entire war room, Brother’s is the way to go. Their rolls shouldn’t be overlooked either as their steak and cheese roll and buffalo chicken rolls are fan favorites.

9th Overall: Gyro Express

Going ninth overall is Gyro Express. This street vendor is more than just gyros, but this Greek food has some of the best prices on this list. Be sure to find out where their stand is set up this Philadelphia draft weekend with the Food Moves app.

10th Overall: Cheezen

Our tenth overall pick might be a little bit of a drive out of town to get to and slips down the draft board because of it. But, don’t lose out on this New Jersey grilled cheese truck. Did we mention that they have pulled pork grilled cheese? No. Well, we should have because all the draft prognosticators love it.

11th Overall: The 1776 Grill

Nothing gets more American than The 1776 Grill. It only makes sense with a name like that they serve up the American classics like burgers, ribs, and hot dogs. But it would be a mistake to pass up their Garlic Toast Grilled Cheese, the staple of their menu.

12th Overall: Mexi-Philly

Next off the board is the UPenn product Mexi-Philly. UPenn fans can’t get enough of this simple mexican food truck with some of the cheapest most delicious burritos in the city.

13th Overall: Baby Blues BBQ

Now that you’re a first round pick, you can afford something a little more expensive. That’s where Baby Blue BBQ comes in. A full BBQ truck offers anything for the meat lover. Get a full slab of ribs from this place to celebrate.

14th Overall: Local 215

Our next selection is a bit of a gamble but could have an extremely high payoff. Local 215 is all about using local Philly sourced foods. They are the definition of farm to truck. Unfortunately, right now for everyone, they’re only doing private events, so you’ll have to book them for your private gig. But, if they return to the streets, this could be the steal of the draft.

15th Overall: Caribbean Palm Food Cart

We saw another Caribbean truck go earlier in the draft with their interesting take on jerk chicken. If that wasn’t your fancy, the Caribbean Palm Food Cart is. They offer up a $6 lunch chicken and rice special that’s one of the best deals in this draft.

16th Overall: Pompier

Another truck that should be higher on the board, but loses because of it’s proximity to the draft is Pompier. This delicious Polish style cuisine is the brainchild of Chef F. Scott Belgard, a 25-year-old vet. Pierogies are the thing you need to try here.  

17th Overall: Romano’s Disco Fries

Going 17th overall shouldn’t be overlooked. They slipped down our draft board because they are mainly in New Jersey, but Romano’s Disco Fries is delicious. What exactly are disco fries? You’re going to have to venture out and try these delicious potatoes.

Wherever you are in Philadelphia, Food Moves will get you to the perfect spot on NFL Draft Weekend while you're looking for something to eat. If you know a truck that got snubbed, let us know and we'll get them to the draft combine next time around.