Top Four Truckin' Awesome Street Food Festivals

Finding the right street food to satisfy your cravings is pretty hard to do. Usually, it takes a lot of research and social media stalking to track the perfect truck's location. However, any good foodie knows never to pass up an opportunity to try all the best dishes at once, in one place. Here are the best US food truck festivals happening this year. You're welcome. 

1. Sea Isle City Food Truck Festival: New Jersey



This New Jersey festival lasts for three days in June and September and includes live music, entertainment, and fares from over a dozen of the best food trucks. Come by to cool off with some craft beer, ice cream from Luigi's Ice Cream Truck or to enjoy some fresh BBQ from Five Sisters Catering. 

2. Taste of Three Cities: Philly, Washington D.C, and Baltimore

The Taste of Three Cities festival gives people a chance to try forty-five of the best trucks in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C, all while watching local celebrities and chefs judge the very same fares in a fierce competition.  The winner of the festival is up for cash prizes and up to three awards, the highest being the Triple Crown Cup.  Last year's winners included The Cow and the Curd, for their Beer Battered Wisconsin Cheese Curds and Kommie Pig for their BBQ ribs and chicken. 

3. Chicago Food Truck Festival

Follow on Instagram at @chicagofoodtruckfestival or Twitter @ChicagoFoodTruckFest

Follow on Instagram at @chicagofoodtruckfestival or Twitter @ChicagoFoodTruckFest

This festival in Chicago features over 50 locally owned trucks accompanied by music and live entertainment. Local families flock in particular to the famous The Fat Shallot, where hand-crafted sandwiches, like the meatball sub with spicy breadcrumbs and fresh oregano,  are made to perfection. 

4. LA Street Food Festival

What better way to celebrate the beauty of street food than in the very city that revolutionized the food truck business? This annual LA festival is packed with both local and international fares as well as small pop-up restaurants by celebrity chefs. If you want to get the best of all these trucks, go VIP, and pay to skip the line and participate in all-you-can-eat food and drink.