Cool Treats to Try This Summer

It's freakin' hot outside and people are in desperate need of something delicious to cool them down. Well, we've done the tasting for you and concluded that these five dessert trucks are sure to do the trick. 

1. Lexylicious, NJ


Lexylicious is a New Jersey dessert truck created in 2015 by a then 16-year-old girl named Lexy. Lexy started her truck to share the fresh and delicious cookie ice cream sandwiches that she was known for in her town.  Her signature dessert, made with fruity pebble cookies, is still on the menu today under the name "Fruity Cutie". Since she started the truck, she has expanded her creations to include cinnamon toast crunch and Reese's Peanut Butter Crunch cookies. 

2. Cool Haus, New York, NY

Cool Haus is dedicated to making delicious desserts with an "architectural twist." Its co-founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller  started their truck in 2008 and have been inspired by different cuisines to create unique, massive gourmet cookie sandwiches. One of their wilder creations is a sushi-inspired dessert sandwich with wasabi ice cream and ginger cookies. However, Cool Haus does not only make cookie sandwiches-- they have also expanded to design their own candy bars as well as other desserts. 

3. Kelvin Slush Co, New York, NY

If it's happy hour and you are looking to drink a tasty, adult treat, Kelvin's Natural Slush Company is the place for you. His homemade, natural fruit slushies can come with booze, making for a great, refreshing snack to enjoy after work. Find them this summer at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. 

4. Andy's Italian Ices NYC, New York, NY

If you are in the mood for a sweet treat without all the guilt, Andy's Italian Ice has you covered.  With desserts made from water and creme ice, you have a tasty sweet that can never go wrong.  

5. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck, New York, NY

Vegans rejoice! Van Leeuwen is an ice cream truck with amazing classic and vegan flavors like fresh mint and Mexican chocolate. They made it their mission to use local, organic artisan ingredients to make their ice cream and that freshness is very evident in their taste.