Anton's Russian Dumpling Truck: Comfort Food To Go

Anton Yelyashkevich is the owner and chef of a small pelmeni cart, Anton's Russian Dumplings, on the corner of West 3rd Street and Avenue of the Americas. He was born in Minsk, Belarus but moved to Brooklyn when he was six, where he quickly learned to integrate his culinary culture with the fast-paced environment of the big city.

In Brooklyn, he was always making a tastefully crafted, traditional Russian recipe of dumplings for his close friends. They were the ideal comfort food: savory, spicy and warm. As years passed, his friends continued to love them so much that they talked him into opening up a small business where he could share his delicious creations year-round. Judging from raving reviews comparing Anton's pelmeni to grandma's, New Yorkers are thankful they did!

Now for 5 dollars, you can try all three of his most popular flavors:  "Siberian" beef and pork, chicken, and potato. The chicken dumpling is an ultimate fan favorite,  made and grilled to order with your choice of toppings like gouda fondue, dill, and siracha sauce. This makes for a combination of cheap, salty, and perfectly doughy flavors that are irresistible to a New Yorker on the go.

Chicken Dumplings

Chicken Dumplings

 In the future, Anton plans to franchise out and add more of his carts to the city. His advice for anyone that is looking to start a food truck like his is to make sure you hire an efficient team that works well together. Being in the food truck industry is not an easy task. It requires long hours and the ability to stand out in a crowd-- so, Anton says, the business behind the scenes needs to be seamless. 

Make sure to come by the West Village to try these pelmenis for yourself!