Big D's Grub With An Asian Twist

Being in the food truck business is not an easy task. To succeed it is necessary to prepare for long hours, early work days, and lots of competition. You must cater to and predict your customers' cravings all while serving up a good variety of food with unique taste. To Dennis Kum, owner of Big D's Grub, an Asian-inspired NYC food truck, all of these tasks come naturally. Ever since he started in 2010, he knew he had to work seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day to build a brand and succeed. What lit his fire to create his own unique Asian-fusion business right in the City was his admiration for Roy Choi's Kogi truck legacy in LA. However, he differs from Choi in that he created two individual menus for two separate trucks, both with influences from different countries' cuisine to add variety to the food.

His first menu is inspired by Korean and Vietnamese culinary culture and includes BBQ meats in quesadillas and burritos as well as his rendition of the Bahn Mi as a classic grinder sandwich. His second is influenced by Thai meals like green curry and dishes like Vietnamese lemongrass grilled pork. He chose to vary his menu in order to help keep his loyal customers coming regularly and to prevent saturation of the market. Fan favorites include the spicy beef tacos and Dennis's "special sauce". To 'Big D', owning a food truck is more than a business, it's a craft. His advice to prospective food truck owners is to expect the unexpected and to always prepare in advance. Find Big D's Grub's next location on Food Moves now!