Free Food Friday Recap

Foodies accepted a challenge on Friday, July 15th, when Food Moves hosted a scavenger hunt featuring free fares from food trucks around NYC. Throughout the entire day participating vendors like Anton's Russian Dumplings, Schnitzel & Things and Uncle Gussy's updated their location on the Food Moves app for one hour at a time to offer complimentary meals to our subscribers. These fares were not just samples: instead, the food was hearty and eclectic. Every hour, Food Moves' followers got to gobble up whole sandwiches, tacos, as well as baskets of six dumplings, free of charge. They discovered trucks that they otherwise wouldn't know about and learned how they can find them through the app. 

Customers weren't the only ones to leave Free Food Friday with a smile on their faces. Truck owners also watched lines grow larger and longer as their designated hour went on. Food Moves' crowds gathered to take photos with their food and some left great reviews recommending the samples that they got to try to others.  Thanks to Food Moves, trucks gained new regulars and loyal customers. 

Overall, Free Food Friday was a success to both the customer and vendor. Both got to have fun and enjoy the unique benefits that come with our Food Moves app.

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For more fun, download our app and follow your favorite trucks, and stay tuned for the next event!