It was a crazy weekend in Austin at the South by SouthWest Festival. Food Moves officially launched to the public and it was met with some amazing fanfare! We couldn't be more excited to bring the much needed real-time location tracking of Food Trucks and Farmers Markets to the masses! This is a story about our week, the moments that made it great and the experiences our team will never forget.


Sunday, March 13th marked a milestone for our team. Food Moves launched to the public. It was a moment I have been patiently waiting for since cooking the idea up nearly two years ago. And I have to say, for a startup with no budget, we launched in style at the SXSW Trade Show.

Our booth was just awesome! We handed out Food Moves Tees (which sold out in 3 hours lol). We also gave attendees the chance to rest their feet and charge their phones right at our booth.  In addition to all of the booth fun, we kicked off our launch with our first ever secret truck promotion. Anyone who downloaded the map got a look at our awesome vendors and found some trucks that looked like question marks. When they used the Food Moves  Map and our riddles to direct them to the mysteriously branded trucks they were greeted with free food! Awesome Right?! Not to worry, we will be running secret truck promotions near you very soon. 


It was a long day at the convention center and after 10 hours of drawing people in by asking, "Do you like food?" we were exhausted and quite frankly, starving. Good thing we had the Food Moves App!

The next day we were scheduled to showcase at the SXSW Startup Spotlight. We were one of only 20 startups granted the opportunity to attend, so needless to say we were very excited. Now equipped with our fancy banner that got lost in the mail for five days, we were ready.

On Tuesday, March 15th I was slated to present Food Moves under the emerging platforms section on the SXSW Pitch Stage. We were the first company to present, and our excitement was palpable. I took to the stage and my presentation was over before I knew it. It was a rush for me and I think the audience liked it too! You can see the entire 10 minutes here.

But thats not all, the Discovery Channel heard about what we're doing and wanted to learn more about Food Moves. They invited us to meet and try out the app and we gladly accepted. Here is the first Food Moves segment ever!

We are a team that knows how to work hard, but there are days where we just need to lay down our spatulas and play hard too. And thats just what we did!  We made sure to find some time to enjoy music from the likes of Miles Chancellor, Robert Delong, and CHVRCHES.  

ANNNNNDDD we even stayed for a little after party. 

That wraps up our SXSW experience. I hope you have enjoyed sharing some of our amazing moments this week. Having launched just a few days ago, we already have over 50 vendors getting tracked in real time and over 500 hungry foodies on the hunt.

Let us know what you think, comment below! Download Food Moves now and get #TruckStalking.