Saving The World, One Burger At A Time

We had a great time chatting with Frites'n'Meats (@fritesnmeats ) today and learned about the stories behind the “superman” in the world of burgers.


At the Frites'n'Meats burger palace, a juicy Angus patty with cream cheese guaranteed to bliss out every burger fan, because it’s made with Frites'n'Meats' crazy love for their truck life. “Saving the world, one burger at a time”. Keeping that in mind, the burger truck, or “Beast” as they called it, rocks out every day, lands on one of the busiest blocks in the city and gets ready to grill up, rain or shine. “A pinky promise we’ve made with our customers. Never forget the food truck life.” Their efforts paid off. The bright colored truck is always surrounded by happy customers who are seriously waiting for the juiciest and meatiest moment of the day to come.

Besides that, they’ve also been devoted to spreading the word “keep calm and burger on” and “Have a burger to stay sane” by making truckin good burgers to serve up our hungry New Yorkers. It’s the bugergasm that everyone has been looking for encourages Frites'n'Meats to create the excellent foodporn experience that NYC has been missing.

So our conclusion is, no matter you are a Burgers-and-Beers-all-day type of person, or someone craves for a cheesy cheating meal after a lean week for weight loss, just stop by Frites'n'Meats( @fritesnmeats ) without hesitation. They won’t let you down.