4 Fun Facts about The "Free Food Crawl"

Last month, hungry foodies who also looking for adventure, have found the best kind of scavenger hunt – one that involved food and was absolutely free! Food Moves in partnership with several food trucks in NYC, Philly and Austin, created three scavenger hunts in each city separately. Now let me tell you some of the fun facts behind these amazing “Free Food Crawls”!

1.     A slice of adventure with gourmet street food, and much more munching fun!

Coming with a good weekend moods and empty tummy, our explorers discovered cool trucks and treats around the city. Curated by innovative cooks, these food trucks’ eats are seriously hearty and eclectic. Both our attendees and Food Moves were surprised when finding out the size of those samples was unexpectedly big. Every hour, with trucks like Anton's Russian Dumplings, Regal Ravoli, Rollin’ Smoke BBQ and Cold Cookie Co. dishing out their most delish creations, Food Moves' followers got to gobble up whole sandwiches, tacos, donuts, pastas, baskets of six dumplings and so on, sure to satisfy whatever cravings they had on the day. I honestly feel so hungry when talking about food, and I bet you too. Feel free to grab some snacks and come back later, because treats to your mouth and Food Moves’ story are always the perfect company of each other.

2.     Team up with mom and dad, a super cool game for real food hunters!

Family participants got in the urban hiking mood, having rollicking stops along the way to hang around and yummy goodies to chill with. As our followers were unlocking clues across the city, Food Moves met this happy family who learned about “Free Food Crawl” during their visit of NYC and ended up partaking the entire game. “This game gets us to roam around the city to find secret trucks, and those tasty street foods have shown us some new aspects of New York. We’re spending such a good time together.” Another attendee told us that “This is where my girlfriend and I should take her parents when they come in town.” After all, a family day out is where your bunch of craziness happens. Don’t wait, start to plan your next family hangout today!  


3.  Eat guilt-free and be ready to hit the gym

Interestingly, whatever body weight our foodies might end up gaining after the game would be taken care of by a responsible gym in Austin. Retro fitness, who concerned that our attendees’ summer body diet had been put on held due to the “Free Food Crawl”, offered free gym pass to food hunters to work off the calories. We feel lucky for having this sweet neighbor who made this eating experience guilt-free!


4.  When foodie met trucks, it’s more than just food

If you are as curious as Food Moves, you must have already been wondering about what’s going on behind those funkily painted trucks with catchy names and witty menus. Every food truck serves up a small piece of their culture, the Free Food Crawl actually helped them to maximize the cultural potential these trucks have to offer by connecting them with hungry foodies. Besides, Food Moves and vendors were excited to see customers not only enjoy the food, but also eagerly share the fun via social media to mark this unique culinary experience. After all, our formula is “Free food + jealous friends = the Free Food Crawl!”

Across three cities, 21 food trucks, 1000+ free food samples, the Free Food Crawl was a success to both the customer and vendor. Both got to have fun and enjoy the unique benefits that come with our Food Moves app. Stay tuned for our upcoming events (spoiler alert:much more fun and free food!) 

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