Food Moves



What is Food Moves?

Food Moves is a Real-Time Locator for Mobile Food Vendors, like Food Trucks and Farmers' Markets. We provide you with some great features to help you connect with the best hard-to-find food in your city.   

What You Get with Food Moves:

Real-time tracking of your favorite food trucks and market vendors

Turn-by-turn directions accurate to the side of the street

Menus fresher than todays specials

Curated content from around the Internet created by passionate foodies like you

 Join us and Follow What Moves You 

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Own a MOBILE food BusiNESS?

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You get these awesome feature completely free:

  • Real - Time Tracking: Say goodbye to check-ins and hello to the ON switch
  • Engagement: One Post to Food Moves simultaneously broadcasts to all your social channels
  • Live Menus: Information fresher than today's specials

Food Moves us. Does it move you?

Upcoming Events and Promos

We work hard at Food Moves to provide you with amazing events and experiences. Our vendors embody the spirit of adventure and fun, we do our best to represent that spirit with everything we do.  Below you will see all of the upcoming events and promos 


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